Mechanical and industrial automation

D&P has collaborated in the design of mechanical parts, production      lines and automatic equipment with Italian and European companies    such as GF, SCAMM, SIAT, CEM, WITTUR, WEGH GROUP, EMAK,    DIEFENBACH, FABIO PERINI, VALPADANA, MASSENZA, CAM and  many more... 
D&P is therefore able to offer specific expertise in the following areas:
  • Machinery for Out Door.
  • Pressure Washers
  • Machinery for agriculture and forestry
  • Earth-moving machinery
  • Drilling machines (Geotechnical)
  • Geared motors for drive-disconnect power line
  • Automatics for packing pallets.
  • Machinery Packaging particular supermarkets.
  • Metal framework
  • Tooling and systems cold forming sheet
  • Machinery lifting and handling equipment
  • Locomotives and rolling stock
  • Filterpresses
  • Machinery and equipment for railways

CAE Analysis

D & P has the most modern  CAE simulation simulation such as Dynamic Designer Motion Professional (ADAMS) and Siemens Femap with NX Nastran.
Thanks to them D&P is able to offer to the customer the added value of kinematic /dynamic analysis and finite element about the designed components.

In particular we can provide:

- Kinematic simulations complete with multi-body techniques
- Extrapolation of the results of these simulations for subsequent FEM analysis
- Linear static analysis
- Natural vibration modes
- Analysis of buckling
- Thermal analysis (steady state and transient)
- Analysis of contacts, welded joints, glued or screwed

The use of a pre / post separate processor as Femap allows D & P to be able to interface with the main platforms commercial CAD (CATIA, NX, SolidEdge, PRO / E)both directly and through iges but especially to be able to perform analysis coupled withmain solvers (plus Nastran also Abaqus, Ansys, LS-Dyna, MSC MARC)

Civil and industrial Plants

ABOUTENERGY represents the ideal solution for the integrated design environment in thermal and energy engineering .
A unique interface to obtain highly professional solutions to the problems of energy efficiency and restructuring.
ABOUTENERGY is operating in the fields of construction, industrial and civil projects through the electrical, hydraulic, building renovation, consulting, practical and technical documentation.

Mr. Dario Spartaco Baldi 
Cell +39 3384369499
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 / o D & P S.r.l.
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Casting Technologies

Mechanical solutions for aluminum foundry

 Project foundry:lay-out

  • Supply machines, furnaces, robots, accessories:installation, fine adjustment and start-up.

Industrialization of the product to casting

- Codesign: 2D and 3D.
- Project of permanent gravity moulds
- Production gravity moulds.
- Sampling of gravity moulds in Italy.
 Sending samples to the customer for dimensional and metallurgical approval.
 Shipping gravity moulds after approval of the customer.
 Start-up by the customer.

Metallurgical support for aluminium gravity casting and its alloys:

 Resolution of technical, quality and metallurgical problems.

On-line assistance or directly to the customer.



Alessandro Togni

Mobile phone +39 3454170259

Via San Gaudenzio 1/a
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D&P via delle Industrie, 10 - 24126 Bergamo

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