Washing Machine


D&P is able to offer its customer services:

  • Design layout of all the components of the machine
  • Static balance by definition weights and the inertia of the main components of the GO divided between rotating components, inertial and damping.
  • Definition of displacement and center of gravity location definition the suspension elements for both groups that hanging with walk-bearing geometry.
  • Optimization studies for reducing vibration and noise.
  • Design and aesthetic definition and mechanics of the whole user interface
  • Complete design of assemblies of detergent dispensers innovative
  • Management of assemblies and sub-assemblies, bill of materials, coordination and assistance in the construction of the prototypes to the Customer until the launch of the pre-series
Structural Analysis in the field of household appliances:
Using the methods (FEM and multibody kinematic analysis) and the most advanced tools, D & P is able to design the components:
  • Furniture bearing for washing machines
  • Hinges and kinematic openings for doors and portholes
  • Basket with bath and washing machine
  • structural bases
  • Handles for doors opening drives
  • Definition of packaging