D&P is able to offer to its customers different services as: 
  • Design layout of all the components of the apparatus for maintaining maximum size standard.
  • Calculation of stability and lateral deformation and identification of corrective actions.
  • Defining treatment intake water, reducing waste (industrial cleaning)
  • Optimization reels and location wash jets for performance tests.
  • Study and definition methods for removal and recovery of energy from steam.
  • Optimization studies structural forms for the reduction of noise detected during the testing of the product classification.
  • Design and aesthetic definition and mechanics of the control panel.
  • Management of assemblies and sub ​​assemblies, bill of materials, coordination and assistance in the construction of the prototypes to the Customer until the launch of the pre-series

Structural Analysis in the field of household appliances:

Availing of the best simulation software D&P is able to carry out the activities of structural analysis for the verification of:
  • Tanks for dishwasher
  • Assemblies and structural parts for dishwashers
  • Simulation inclined plane testing Crash Test
Plant analysis of household appliances:
  • Defining layout components
  • Defining paths conducted
  • Characterization and determination of heads and flow
  • Definition baskets and standard loads
  • Studio from layout and from the logic of operation up to the industrialization of all components of systems of detergent storage or recovery of water
  • Drafting wiring
  • Paths according to the reference standards
The next step is to prepare the necessary documentation to support the certification tests of law:
EN 60335
EN 62233
UNI EN 1717