CAE Analysis

D & P has the most modern  CAE simulation simulation such as Dynamic Designer Motion Professional (ADAMS) and Siemens Femap with NX Nastran.
Thanks to them D&P is able to offer to the customer the added value of kinematic /dynamic analysis and finite element about the designed components.

In particular we can provide:

- Kinematic simulations complete with multi-body techniques
- Extrapolation of the results of these simulations for subsequent FEM analysis
- Linear static analysis
- Natural vibration modes
- Analysis of buckling
- Thermal analysis (steady state and transient)
- Analysis of contacts, welded joints, glued or screwed

The use of a pre / post separate processor as Femap allows D & P to be able to interface with the main platforms commercial CAD (CATIA, NX, SolidEdge, PRO / E)both directly and through iges but especially to be able to perform analysis coupled withmain solvers (plus Nastran also Abaqus, Ansys, LS-Dyna, MSC MARC)