D&P has worked with major Italian and European (ABB, Schneider Electric, Microelectronics Scientific, RB Electromechanical Adriatic, Messina, Gewiss)
D&P is able to offer specific expertise in the following areas:
  • Low Voltage Apparatus civil and industrial sector.
  • Medium Voltage equipment.
  • Paintings of low voltage industrial sector.
  • Paintings of Medium Voltage.
Project phases:
  • Defining technical specification.
  • Definition preliminary draft.
  • Development of all components, subassemblies and assemblies.
  • Building prototypes for preliminary tests in cooperation with qualified suppliers.
  • Execution of the type tests using pre-accredited laboratories and certified (CESI, SVEPPI, ABB).
  • Development of all documentation required for the production, until you have entered data in the customer database.
  • Execution of the type tests on the final product.
Defining the Preliminary Design
Drafting of the preliminary draft definition for dimensions, setting main components, verification of isolation distances, conductor dimensioning main layout of accessories.
Development of components
Development, by means of three-dimensional modeling, of all components, subassemblies and assemblies required for the construction of the prototypes.
Collaboration with suppliers to optimize the construction of the pieces.
Building Prototypes for testing Preliminaries
Construction of the first prototypes for preliminary checks with the assistance of qualified suppliers.
Performing Preliminary Stage
Execution of preliminary tests of type (insulation, heating, internal arc, interruption, etc.). Making use of accredited laboratories and certified as CESI, SVEPPI.
Development Documentation for Production
Following the passing of the preliminary tests we proceed to the development of all the documentation necessary for the production: three-dimensional models, construction drawings of components, subassemblies and assemblies, bills of materials, specifications, materials used, etc..
Inserting the documents in the database used by the customer such as SAP, SmarTeam, VPM, etc..
Performance of Type Tests for Certification
With the specimens pre-series constructed using the documentation listed above you progress, always making use of accredited laboratories and certified to perform the tests required for type certification of the product.

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